Anti-Aging FAQ: Why Do My Hands Look So Old?

Staying youthful is hard work. You do your best to keep grey hairs covered and shield your face with SPF. Chances are you’ve even amassed a collection of wide-brimmed hats.

But if you forget about your hands, they might start to reveal your actual age or can even add years to your appearance. Your hands need the same care and attention as your face when it comes to an anti-aging skincare routine.

It’s never too late to start caring for the skin on your hands. There are plenty of regimens out there to give your hands the help they need.

How To Make Your Hands Look Younger 

Curious what causes “grandma hands?” You’ll find the answer in how your entire body evolves over the course of time. But, according to dermatologist Amy Kassouf, MD, everyone has the power to intervene in the way this happens.

Kassouf told Cleveland Clinic: “Dry, scaly skin, brittle nails, and dark age spots can become problems as people get older.”

During the aging process, your hands lose fat and elasticity, and your skin loses volume. Wrinkles and age spots develop from the reduced volume and decreased elasticity that creates translucent skin.

“Your hands can also develop a skeletal appearance because you lose fat in some places as you age,” Dr. Kassouf added.

Ways to Help Hands Not To Wrinkle

Fortunately, there are several ways to halt signs of aging on the hands. When speaking with Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Kassouf also recommended the following:

  • Moisturize: Never allow your hands to dry out. Keep lotion in your purse and apply it regularly during the day. Always keep a bottle of moisturizer handy on the sink so you won’t forget to engage in this critical anti-aging ritual.
  • CarePut on cotton-lined gloves if you’re gardening or using harsh soap or chemicals to clean. Wash your hands with mild pH soaps only. Shop for mild or ultra-mild versions. Ask your doctor for more recommendations if you’re unsure which soap to choose.
  • Exfoliate: You already exfoliate your body and face—so don’t skip your hands. Grab a gentle loofah or a combo of sugar, lemon, and natural oil to take off the dead skin and skin cells from the surface of your palms and on the fingers and knuckles. Cap off the routine with some moisturizer right afterward.
  • Eat Healthy: A skin-friendly diet is a balanced one featuring plenty of vitamins, antioxidants, and omega-3 fatty acids that nourish your skin and help you grow healthy nails. When your diet lacks specific proteins, vitamin C, or vitamin B complex or if your absorption is sub-par, your nails can turn brittle or peel and flake easily. “Make sure to eat a balanced diet full of foods that are good for your skin which contain vitamins to nourish your hands from the inside out. You can also get yourself a good multivitamin,” Dr. Kassouf says.

The Solution: Why You Should Use Specialized Hand Products 

So, you’re probably convinced by now that your hands deserve some added TLC. But here’s a question: why are specialized hand products the best ways to deliver that TLC?

To start, specialized hand products are highly effective at delivering the moisture your hands need. You already know that your skin requires moisture to keep its elasticity and remain soft, supple, and beautiful.

Next, they’re simple to use. Before you tuck into bed, apply an essential oil to your palms. You’ll sleep soundly knowing you’ll have softer, more hydrated hands to wake up to the next day.

Third, they’re a self-care treat. Well, at least this one is. Fans love Seratopical’s Overnight Hand Therapy with essential oils for the warming sensation of hemp and calming aroma of lavender oil. Try it here.


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